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Author: Tyler Nichols

ARMS Direct Impressions

Every Nintendo console generation we get our normal collection of games starring classic characters. While I’m always excited for the next iteration of Mario and Zelda, I feel the same excitement, with a little added anxiety, when the company releases a brand new gaming franchise. We have seen ARMS since the Switch reveal in January and I, admittedly, have been apprehensive about the game. While it looked interesting as a concept, I was worried about about the depth of the game to keep players coming back for more. Wednesday, Nintendo released their ARMS Direct to give us more details...

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Nintendo Direct Impressions (04-12-17)

A brand new Nintendo Direct was released late in the day on Wednesday. This Direct focused on upcoming games for the Switch, including Arms and Splatoon 2, and upcoming games for the 3DS. Going into the Direct, I was hoping for more information about Nintendo’s online service, since both of the games will have online multiplayer. I’m also interested in what is going on with the 3DS and how Nintendo will handle their popular handheld dedicated system with the Switch now in the ecosystem. Nintendo Direct Impressions   3DS  Highlights: Hey Pikmin! – Releases July 28th Evar Oasis –...

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Early Thoughts on Splatoon 2

Splatoon was one of the few new franchises developed by Nintendo during the WiiU lifecycle. This was Nintendo’s first attempt at game that was primarily a team based, online competitive shooter. The movement abilities of the Inklings allowed for some unique strategies, and the variety of weapons allowed players to find the weapon and playstyle that was right for them. With the success of Splatoon, Nintendo has decided to produce Splatoon 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. Over the weekend, Nintendo had a Global Testfire event where players could try out the online play during specific...

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Top 10 Legend of Zelda Games

At last! We are almost at the launch day for the Nintendo Switch and, just as importantly, the next chapter in the Legend of Zelda series: Breath of the Wild. I have tried to keep my Breath of the Wild experience as pure as possible, but I have heard a few rumblings from early previews and the game might just live up to the hype. The Legend of Zelda games have been a major staple in my gaming world ever since I played Link to the Past way too many years ago. There is something about the exploration, puzzle solving,...

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10 Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally released some details about its newest addition to the gaming world, the Nintendo Switch. After the colossal market failure that was the Wii U, Nintendo needed to rekindle some magic to make themselves relevant in the gaming space. Interest was high after the teaser trailer was released with the promise of a hybrid portable and home console. With the release date of March 3rd, we don’t have to wait long to get one of these into our homes. However, that doesn’t means we won’t tell you our thoughts after watching the press event and hands on experience...

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