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10 Super Heroes That Deserve a Netflix Series

10 Super Heroes That Deserve a Netflix Series

Netflix has really been impressing me with their super hero series. The streaming network kicked things off with its fantastic Daredevil series and has also debuted a show for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. The way has now been paved for a full Defenders series (I don’t think Iron Fist is getting his own show).

So that got me thinking, what other superheroes could benefit from having a Netflix series. The network clearly knows how to do characters justice (you paying attention DC?). Obviously my first choice would be The Punisher, after his fantastic debut in Season 2 of Daredevil. Yet Netflix has already confirmed and started filming Frank Castle’s own run, so prepare yourself for more awesomeness. Yet, there are still plenty of super heroes that could use some love from Netflix. So let’s dive into the wishlist!

10 Super Heros That Deserve a Netflix Series


The Authority

1. The Authority

So sure, we are starting things off with a team vs a single super hero, deal with it. The Authority was one of the most bad ass teams back during it’s comic run and I’d love to see these guys together again. With members that could accomplish amazing feats, The Authority could probably even destroy the Justice League or the Avengers. One of my favorite members was The Midnighter, a Batman-Like superhero with cybernetic implants and even redundant body organs.


Ms Marvel

2. Ms. Marvel

Marvel’s take on this teenage Muslim/American high school student has been incredibly entertaining to read. I think Ms. Marvel could easily translate to a tv show. Hero Kamala Khan is incredibly likable as she tries to balance the awkwardness of being a teenager with trying to live the double life of a super hero.



3. Gambit

One of my favorite X-Men (I know Fox owns the rights to all the mutants, but this is a wish list), Gambit has always been highly entertaining in the comics. A suave cajun with some the power to turn anything into an explosive object. His signature weapon, of course, being the exploding playing card. Gambit has everything you need for an entreating super hero: looks, personality, and cool abilities.


Emma Frost

4. Emma Frost

Emma has been both a hero and a villain so she could go either way in a series. I think showing her time in the Hellfire Club could give Netflix a lot of interesting story arcs to pursue, and give them a unique angle not seen in other hero shows. While Emma Frost has some cool powers, the force of her personality has always been the interesting part of her character.


War Machine

5. War Machine

Sure he’s had plenty of screen time in the movies, but mostly as a side kick. War Machine has always been entertaining as both a part of the military and also a super hero. I mean, they basically took Iron Man and added a ton of guns to him. What’s not to love. There is a lot Netflix could do with this character in what could definitely be an action packed series.



6. Thor (Female)

To be honest, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the new versions of the Marvel Characters. I’d much rather see Marvel spend time creating new characters for us to enjoy, while still letting us love the classics we grew up with. That being said, I’m a big fan of the new Thor series. The female Thor put a great twist on the character, and the reveal of who she actually was (I’ll spare you the spoiler), was really clever. I did not see that one coming. There is many ways they could take a show about her and I’d watch every second of it.



7. Magneto

Again, another mutant who has spent time on both sides of the moral spectrum. Magneto could easily spearhead a series where he is running rampant as an evil mutant, yet I think he’s most interesting when he’s caring for other mutants. Magneto has tried a few times to run a mutant utopia and act as its defender, usually with tragic results. The great thing about Magneto is that he always things he’s doing the right thing, which could make for a show with a lot of grey areas.


Scarlett Witch

8. Scarlett Witch

Another character who has gotten a good amount of screen time in the movies. However the Scarlett Witch’s powers have always seemed a bit odd so far. I’m not exactly sure what her powers are (Telekinesis?), but it doesn’t feel like it matches the comics much. I’d love Netflix to explore her character as the reality shifting mutant that she is. And the story arc where she went insane and took down the Avengers could definitely translate to an interesting series.



9. Blade

The Blade movies started off very entertaining and then went quickly down hill. The first Blade movie was easily the best of the series, yet by the third one, I had no idea what they were doing. However the dark and gritty feel that Netflix gives its superhero series would be perfect for the Blade universe.



10. Spider-Gwen

One of the most interesting characters to come out of the Spider-Verse (see favorite spider-verse characters here), Spider-Gwen is an alternate reality Spider-Man where she got the super powers, not Peter Parker. The whole plot arc is incredibly interesting, from her eventually killing Peter and trying to come to terms with what she did.


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