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10 Video Games for the Rest of 2017

10 Video Games for the Rest of 2017

The summer months are typically a drought season for video games. I don’t know the exact reasons, but there are usually very few high quality reasons between June and August. While we did get some solid games this summer (Splatoon 2 and Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battles come to mind), it’s not until the yearly Madden update hits that I call the summer drought over. So as we inch closer to October, what games do we have to look forward to for the rest of the year? Glad you asked! Here are 10 upcoming video game releases to get excited about (in order by release date).

10 Video Games for the Rest of 2017


Destiny 2

Ok, sure, Destiny 2 has already been released for consoles, but the PC version isn’t out yet, so we are adding this one anyway. While Destiny 1 was super-hyped and far from perfect (just try and follow that story), its game play was solid (ok, except for maybe the leveling system). However The Taken King expansion really refined the game and was a giant step forward. Destiny 2 seeks to capitalize on that loot piñata formula and promises to fix things that were wrong in the first game.

Get Your CopyPlatform: Xbox One, PS4 (out now), PC – Release Date October 24 



With a name like Cuphead, I was prepared to just skip by this one. Well I am definitely glad I stopped and watched the trailer, because this game looks great! Cuphead is a platfomer that pays homage to the old 1930s Merrie Melodies cartoons. If you ever saw these cartoons as a child, then you will instantly recognize the visual style. I don’t recall the last time I’ve seen a game with as much charm as this one, and I’m anxious to give it a try.

Get Your CopyPlatform: Xbox One, PC • Release Date: September 29


Middle-earth: Shadow of War

I don’t think anyone expected 2014’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor to be as good as it was. A licensed Lord of the Rings game without much in the way of main characters? It stood no chance. Yet the game play was great and the Nemesis System really stole the show. Thankfully everything that made the first game great is back in force with Shadow of War. I’m really excited to see what improvements they have made to the Nemesis System.

Get Your CopyPlatform: Xbox One, PS4, PC • Release Date: October 10


The Evil Within 2

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami decided that one heart attack isn’t enough as he brings us The Evil Within 2. While I’m not much for the horror genre, the little I played of the first game had me on the edge of my seat. It was pretty much terrorizing me non-stop. The Evil Within 2 appears to take that game play to heart as there will be plenty of gruesome, bloody terror for everyone. Hurray?

Get Your CopyPlatform: Xbox One, PS4, PC • Release Date: October 13


South Park: The Fractured But Whole

South Park games have been surprisingly good over the years. I don’t think anyone expected much from a game based on a satire tv show, but hey, I’m man enough to admit when I was wrong. This time, developer Ubisoft sets the South Park universe in the middle of a super hero civil war as they make fun of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you are a fan of the South Park style of humor, I think you can safely put this one on your buy list.

Get Your CopyPlatform: Xbox One, PS4, PC • Release Date: October 17


Assassin’s Creed Origins

Last year was one of the first years I can remember without a new Assassin’s Creed game. Well I’m hoping that the time off did Ubisoft some good as they are taking a new approach with Assassin’s Creed: Origins. This time we get a prequel that takes place before even the original Assassin’s Creed game. Set in ancient Egypt, players will control new protagonist Bayek as he wields a variety of new and familiar upgrades.

Get Your CopyPlatform: Xbox One, PS4, PC • Release Date: October 27


Super Mario Odyssey

This feels a little unnecessary because if you own a Nintendo Switch, chance are you are going to be buying Super Mario Odyssey. Mario, like his brother Link, are system sellers. Even with that in mind, it’s hard not to be excited for Super Mario Odyssey. It returns to the open world style of game and actually will span multiple genres as Mario will be traveling to different worlds and timelines in his seemingly never ending quest to save Peach from Bowser.

Get Your CopyPlatform: Nintendo Switch • Release Date: October 27


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Last year’s Wolfenstein: The New Order was a surprise hit for us. We didn’t have high hopes for this long forgotten IP, but the game play and action sure keep us glued to the screen. Developer Machine Games is back again with The New Colossus, a game that promises to deliver more of the things you love about Wolfenstein: blood, guts, and Nazi killing excitement.

Get Your CopyPlatform: Xbox One, PS4, PC • Release Date: October 27


Call of Duty WW2

The Call of Duty franchise seemed to be stumbling last year as their Infinite Warfare game didn’t really generated a lot of positive attention. It turns out gamers were wanting a change as Battlefield One stole the limelight from just about every FPS not named Overwatch. This year the Call of Duty franchise goes back to its roots with World War 2, the genre that really started it all. I always loved the WW2 games the best, as they provided a more grounded, in your face experience. I’m definitely happy to see a return to this gritty time period.

Get Your CopyPlatform: Xbox One, PS4, PC • Release Date: November 3


Star Wars Battlefront 2

2015’s Star Wars: Battlefront wasn’t without its fair share of valid criticism. Lack of a single player campaign, no space battles, low amount of hero usage…well it appears that DICE has taken all that to heart. Star Wars Battlefront 2 appears to have rectified all of those errors and brought us a glorious game that spans from The Clone Wars to the Force Awakens! As a die hard Star Wars fan, this might just be the game I’ve been waiting for (short of a return to the X-Wing series).

Get Your CopyPlatform: Xbox One, PS4, PC • Release Date: November 17




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