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8 Geeky Gadgets For BBQ Grilling Season

8 Geeky Gadgets For BBQ Grilling Season

With the 4th of July having come and gone here in the USA, we are officially into the heart of summer. And there is no activity more associted with summer eating than the back yard BBQ. One of my favorite things about grilling season, other than the great weather, has to be the smell of delicious food cooking in my yard. Who doesn’t love the smell of roasting meat over coals or flame? With that in mind, I’ve got a few geeky gadgets to help make your back yard grilling a better experience. No, these are Star Trek uniform aprons or other silly things, but gadgets that are all useful in some way. Happy grilling!

8 Geeky Gadgets For BBQ Grilling Season

Smoker Box

Cast Iron Smoker Box

I love adding a bit of mesquite or hickory flavor to my food, but I don’t always have the time to bust out the smoker for 8 hours of roasting. That’s where the smoker box comes in. Simply soak some wood chips in water and then toss them into the box. It will put off a good amount of smoke during your grilling session, giving that great hint of flavor to your food.

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Block of Salt

Himalayan Salt Block

In my book, salty > sweet and one of my favorite tools is the Himalayan Salt Block. This big pink slab can either be used to serve cold food, imparting a nice salty flavor, or as a cooking instrument on your grill (much like how you would put fish on a cedar plank). Simply heat it up on your grill and use it as a great surface to cook on, transferring that delicious salty flavor to your food.

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Classic Super-Fast Thermapen

The absolute best way to check if your meat is done is by an instant read thermometer. Forget cutting it open or timing it, you want precise readings. And when it comes to thermometers, you will be hard pressed to find anything better than the Thermapen. With a variety of features including backlight display, precise measurements, instant temperature readings, auto-off and on, the Thermapen is the Cadillac of thermometers.

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Grill Clips

Stainless Grill Clips

There is nothing worse than trying to grill your vegetables and watching them fall through the spaces on the grill. The grill clips not only keep your veggies on the grill where they belong, but also make is easier to turn them and move them around your grill.

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Grill Light

Grill Light

As the summer days wane, so do the hours of daylight. Unless you are blessed to have a patio light right above your grill, chances are you are going to need some kind of light to see what’s on your grill at night. While you can use your phone light, that’s far from an ideal solution. The grill light attaches to your grill and makes it much easer to see what you are doing. For it’s low price, there is now reason not to have one of these lights connected to your grill.

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Flexible Grill Skewers

Flexible Grilling Skewers

Flexible skewers are, well, flexible. Traditional skewers can be hard to work with, especially on a full grill. These flexible skewers make it easier to use every square inch of real estate on your grill. They also secure the food onto the skewer much better than traditional ones, preventing food from accidentally sliding off the end. But one of the best parts is that you can bend the skewers and toss them in a plastic bag while the food marinates on them.

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Propane Tank Guage

Propane Take Gauge

There is nothing worse than running out of gas in the middle of your grilling session. While I always keep a spare propane tank on hand, that doesn’t mean I want to change out a tank in the middle of flipping a steak. The propane tank gauge will let you know how much gas you have left, and if you need to change out the tank ahead of time. This feels like a product that should be standard on every grill, but alas, it’s not.

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Blackstone Pizza Oven

Blackstone Pizza Oven

If you want to make pizzas at home, your best bet is to get a wood burning oven. Nothing compares to a pizza cooked in a high temperature oven. However, most people don’t have the $1000+ to spend on one, so the Blackstone is the next best option. It’s a rotating pizza stone that is heated underneath by fire. It can get up near 1000 degrees F and can cook a pizza in less than 2 minutes. If you are a pizza fan, this is the best thing outside of a traditional wood fired oven.

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