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Author: Tyler Nichols

Splatoon 2 Direct Impressions

Splatoon was a new IP for the Wii U that managed to sell over four million units and have an over thirty percent attach rate. That is a crazy number for Nintendo’s first dip into the competitive online shooter genre. Unlike with Mario Kart, Nintendo decided to give Splatoon a proper sequel to the game for their new system. Splatoon 2 releases on July 21st and yesterday Nintendo released a Direct to show us some of the new features and an overview of what is included in the game. Like our normal impression articles, I will give you the...

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E3 2017 Overview and Impressions

Once again the video game extravaganza known as E3 has come and gone. Each year we wait for the major hardware and software designers to release information on new games, new systems, updated game play, and when games will be available for purchase. Speculation about Microsoft’s new Xbox system, how Sony was going to continue their dominance, what games will keep Switch owner’s playing the system, were just a few of the major headlines going into E3. I’m going to go through all the major announcement for the three companies listed above as well as talk about a few...

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Thoughts on the ARMS Global Test Punch

Over the recent weekend, Nintendo allowed players to tryout their new franchise ARMS for a six designated hours. This gave players just a peak of how the game plays and a few of the different fighting modes. I felt that this was a necessity for Nintendo to allow players the chance to see how the gameplay works and if this unique fighting game was right for them. I was very close to buying on release date after the ARMS Direct a few weeks ago, but needed to play the game before I make a final decision. The only mode...

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ARMS Direct Impressions

Every Nintendo console generation we get our normal collection of games starring classic characters. While I’m always excited for the next iteration of Mario and Zelda, I feel the same excitement, with a little added anxiety, when the company releases a brand new gaming franchise. We have seen ARMS since the Switch reveal in January and I, admittedly, have been apprehensive about the game. While it looked interesting as a concept, I was worried about about the depth of the game to keep players coming back for more. Wednesday, Nintendo released their ARMS Direct to give us more details...

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Nintendo Direct Impressions (04-12-17)

A brand new Nintendo Direct was released late in the day on Wednesday. This Direct focused on upcoming games for the Switch, including Arms and Splatoon 2, and upcoming games for the 3DS. Going into the Direct, I was hoping for more information about Nintendo’s online service, since both of the games will have online multiplayer. I’m also interested in what is going on with the 3DS and how Nintendo will handle their popular handheld dedicated system with the Switch now in the ecosystem. Nintendo Direct Impressions   3DS  Highlights: Hey Pikmin! – Releases July 28th Evar Oasis –...

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