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Eldritch Horror – Game of the Week

Eldritch Horror – Game of the Week

Many long time board gamers are probably familiar with our newest Game of the Week. It’s not a new game by any stretch, having debuted in 2013. However, as there are probably still plenty of people who haven’t played this gem yet, we figured it was time to give it its due.

Eldritch Horror

Eldritch HorrorWhen it comes to Lovecraftian games of investigation and madness, Eldritch Horror is hard to beat. In fact, it was even listed at #3 of our Top 10 Cthulhu Board Games. That’s high praise considering the glut of Cthulhu-themed board games that are released every year. Yet 4 years later, it still remains one of the best Cthulhu-themed board games out there.

So what is Eldritch Horror? It’s a game where you and your fellow players take control of globe trotting adventurers who are trying to stop an ancient evil one from awakening. In this fully cooperative board game, you’ll be fighting of monsters, closing gates, searching for clues, and trying to overcoming tons of thematic events. While Eldritch Horror isn’t easy to win, it is highly thematic.

Eldritch Horror is actually a reimplementation of the older game, Arkham Horror, and in my opinion improves upon its predecessor in many ways. It’s very easy to learn, plays smoothly, and is loads of fun.

And once you get really into Eldritch Horror (and it’s hard not to), there are TONs of expansions already released for it. So you’ll have plenty of access to more monsters, investigators and locations to keep you traveling the world for hours to come.

Get Your Copy1-8 PLAYERS • AGES 14+ • 120-240 MINUTES • $60




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