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Marvel: Color Your Own App – Bring Out Your Inner Artist

Marvel Color Your OWnWe have less then a week to go before the premiere of the newest offering in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. And with the early reviews being quite favorable, I have a feeling this will be another hit for big M. While you can check back with us after the movie hits theaters for our thoughts on it, we’ve got something else to keep you entertained for now.

Marvel recently released an app for your iPhones and iPads called Marvel: Color Your Own. What is it? It’s essentially a giant Marvel coloring book. Hold on, stay with me now, it’s definitely not only geared for little kids. While it’s fairly easy to use for the young ones, there is actually a large variety of brushes, fills, and other settings that aspiring comic artists can play with (or even just someone looking to pass the time).

I spMarvel Color Your Ownent about 10 minutes playing in the app on my iPhone and it worked fine. However the app is so much better on a tablet. I was able to color this drawing of Luke on my phone pretty easily. I tried it on my tablet later Thursday night and definitely preferred that experience, but that’s not surprising.

There are plenty of different comic pages to choose from and the artwork is fully vectorized, so you can use fill brushes to quickly color spaces. There is also, thankfully, an undo button in case you mess up and an eye dropper tool should you need to replicate a color.

So what’s the catch you ask? Well the app is “free” to download (of course it is), but actually requires a subscription fee to unlock everything. Now, mind you, there is plenty outside of the paywall to use, including about 50 or so pages, lots of colors, and different types of brushes. Becoming a premium member unlocks new weekly pages, non-watermarked images, an expanded color palette (although there are a whole mess of free colors), and fancier brushes, such as metallic fills and half-tones.

Subscription fees are $3 a week, $8 a month or $40 for the whole year. Frankly, I’d much have preferred a one time unlock fee vs this subscription model. But so far, the app still gives you plenty of freedom to color your hearts content without paying a penny.

You can download Marvel: Color Your Own here from the app store.

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