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New York Slice – Game of the Week

I don’t want to start a debate on which is the better pizza, Chicago Style or New York. The answer is clearly Chicago, so that’s not really even a debate. But despite some people’s confusion, we can all agree that pizza is an amazing food. Heck, I still enjoy eating even bad pizza (although I usually pay for that one later). However when it’s from a really good place, pizza can be the best food on the planet.

New York SliceNew York Slice

Our newest Game of the Week takes pizza as a theme and turns it into really fun and accessible game. Published by Bezier Games, known for their hits Suburbia and One Night Ultimate Werewolf (among others), New York Slice has players carving up and sharing different types of pizza in the hopes of earning the most points. This game actually reimplements an older game called Piece O’ Cake. But I much prefer the pizza theme, savory > sweet.

What is the Game?

Playing New York Slice is easy. Each round, one “Slicer” divided up the 11 slice pizza (made up of random types of slicers) into a number of portions equal to the player count. The portions don’t have to all be even in size. After that, each other player gets to choose which portion they want, with the slicer getting the last choice. The main goal here is set collection and majorities.

New York Slice Game Play

Why Should You Play It?

Game designer Jeffrey Allers did a great job of making a game that’s both entertaining to play and also highly accessible. The rules in New York Slice are incredibly easy to pick up, and I’ve even played the game with parents and other family members.

In addition to dividing up the slices, each slicer also has one “daily special” to include with a portion. These are cards that will break the rules in various ways, such as by altering scoring conditions for the player who collects it. The specials help keep New York Slice from getting repetitive and some are really creative. New York Slice is the perfect game to play when you are looking for something on the lighter side.

Get Your Copy2-6 PLAYERS • AGES 8+ • 30 MINUTES • $25



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