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Nindies Summer Showcase Impressions

Nindies Summer Showcase Impressions

With summer ending soon and kids back in school, video game news and announcements tend to slow down a bit. Companies turn their focus to the games coming in the fall and holiday season that were normally announced at E3 or other conventions. Nintendo doesn’t take that normal approach and Wednesday had their Nindies Summer Showcase, highlighting independent games that are coming in 2017 and 2018. There were a ton of games announce and quite a few that I haven’t heard were coming to the Switch. Here is a rundown of what we are looking forward to in the next few months.

Super Meat Boy Forever – Early in 2018

This game continues the story of Super Meat Boy! were you are trying to save your baby Nugget from Dr. Fetus. New controls are coming to the game but also levels that get harder, to a point, each time you beat them. Looks like a true successor to the popular original game.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards DLC- Out in 2018

The final chapter in the Shovel Knight series, you take the role of King Knight in new levels and stages in the Shovel Knight universe. The game will show how King Knight joined the Order of no Quarter and introduce a new card game to the series.

Golf Story – September 2017

An RPG and a golf game in one? What is this Mario Golf: Advance Tour for the GBA? This new game combines golf with a serious story that plays out over 8 different courses with their own challenges, people, and secrets. I know I’m in the minority, but I’m picking this game.

Floor Kids

Floor Kids – Fall 2017

If you are a fan of rhythm games, look to Floor Kids to scratch that itch. A unique breakdance game where you take eight diverse characters and rise the ranks of breakdancers in the city.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition- Early 2018

I didn’t know about this game until this summer showcase but it has me interested. The game is a magical adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky. With a unique set of characters the protagonist will meet along the way and story puts this one on my radar.

Steam SteamWorld Dig 2 –  Sept 21, 2017

The sequel to the award-winning SteamWorld Dig! is out soon. Grab your pickaxe and search for your lost friend as you explore an underworld riddled with danger. The game looks great and looks like a worthy platformer to add to your collection.

Mulaka – Early 2018

Set in the northern Mexico’s landscapes, you embark on the journey of Tarahumara shaman as you fight against foulness corrupting the land. A combination of solving puzzles, combat and using powers from demigods make this 3D action-adventure game onto my watch list for 2018 when it is released.

Yono and the Celestial Elephants – Oct 12, 2017

An RPG where you play as an Elephant…that is all you need to know.

Light Fingers

Light Fingers – Early 2018

A game all about gaining more loot than your opponents. Played on a clockwork game board, this turn-based multiplayer game has real-time action and misdirection. I think more boardgames need to come to game consoles and this game could be a middle ground of video game and boardgame elements coming together to make a great game.

No More Heroes Travis Strikes Again – 2018

Travis Touchdown is back once again being directed by Sunda51 in this unique collaboration with other independent studios. Travis will need to battle through six different games and end game bosses in order to return the the real world. I’m glad to see Travis back and can’t see more of this game in the future.


There were even more games announce in the summer showcase, but we just don’t have time to get into all of them. Nintendo is pushing hard to have a more robust lineup of games available and they are doing an amazing job. There are so many games coming out for the Switch in the next six months that will make it one of the strongest first year line up of games for any console. Let’s hope that this trend continues. You can watch the full Nindies showcase here:


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