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Nintendo Switch Reveled

Nintendo Switch Reveled

Nintendo’s newest home console, long dubbed the Nintendo NX (see our wishlist here), has finally been revealed to the public. The official name of this new console is the Nintendo Switch. Yeah, the name’s not great (they have all kind of sucked since the Gamecube), but the system looks to have a lot of promise. Some features seen in the official launch video include home gaming, portable gaming, and local, portable multiplayer.

One of the neat features of the Nintendo Switch are that you can be playing on your home tv, take your controllers and connect them to a tablet screen. You can then play on the go. While that was a feature of the Wii U, you still had to be in range of the console. No longer. This is a full on console/mobile gaming system hybrid. You can take your game on the go anywhere, oh and Nintendo has gone back to cartridges! There also seems to be some solid 3rd party support as an Elder Scrolls game was featured in the video.

I am pretty excited about this console. Nintendo always seems to be at the forefront of innovation, so time will tell if their gamble pays off. The Nintendo Switch is set to launch in March of 2017. You can watch the full reveal trailer here:


Nintendo Switch Reveal:


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