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Port Royal – Game of the Week

Port Royal – Game of the Week

I love small box games. Ok, sure, I love big box ones too, but sometimes publishers can pack a lot of enjoyment in a little box. This not only makes the game ultra convenient for travel, but takes up less shelf space, something that is at a premium at Geek10 HQ. Our newest Game of the Week is a card game that should be a staple in anyone’s game library.

Port Royal

Port RoyalNever mind the fact that pirate games are one of the coolest themes out there, Port Royal actually has some really solid game play. The goal of the game is to be the first to acquire 12 victory points. Each game turn is played out in two phases. First, a player goes exploring and turns over cards in a press your luck style draw. Once they’ve stopped (and not busted), they can collect or buy a card from the display. Some cards give you money, while others give you VPs and abilities. The cool thing is that once you are done buying, an opponent can buy from your leftovers and pay you a coin for your trouble. This adds a nice bit of player interaction to the game.

As Port Royal is only a deck of cards, it also makes it a great travel game. Other than keeping your cards in front of you, the table space required for the game is pretty minimal. And for those looking for extra content, there already have been a few expansions released for this gem. If you are a looking for a quick and fun press your luck card game, check out Port Royal, our newest Game of the Week.

Get Your Copy2-5 PLAYERS • AGES 8+ • 20 MINUTES • $12




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