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Potion Explosion – Game of the Week

Do you play mobile games? If so, then chances are you’ve played one of the MANY “match 3” types of games. From the crazy popular Candy Crush (is it still popular?) to actually fun ones like Gems of War, there are not shortage of mobile games looking to become the next great matching game.

Well at some point, a trio of game designers decided to band together to bring this matching mechanic to our tabletop. And how do you represent gems (or whatever) falling from the top of the screen in the physical world? Why with marbles of course!

Potion ExplosionPotion Explosion

Our newest Game of the Week is Potion Explosion, a “match 3” type of game for our tabletops. Now I say “type of game” because Potion Explosion isn’t exactly a match 3 game. However it does draw on these mechanics for its inspiration, and what it does do is create something new and innovative on our tabletops. And what is a little bit surprising is that Potion Explosion is published by Cool Mini or Not Games, who are way more known for their massive miniatures than these type of games. But I’m glad they are branching, because most of the time, it ends up being a really fun game (See The Grizzled, a past Game of the Week).

What is the Game?

In Potion Explosion, players are trying to create as many potions as possible over the course of the game. Players do this by pulling marbles out of a series of chutes. Instead of matching 3 types of marbles, players will be pulling one marble, causing the remaining ones to slide together. If those sliding marbles happen to match colors, you get to grab those as well. This may also cause a chain reaction, allowing the player to collect many marbles on a turn.

The marbles pulled are then used as ingredients in your potions. Get enough of the right colored marbles and you complete a potion, earning you both victory points and the special ability of that potion. Potions are one time use items that let you break the rules in a variety of ways.

Potion Explosion

Why Should You Play It?

I love it when really unique games work their way to our tabletops. Gamers have no shortage of worker placement games, hidden role games, and resource management games set in the Mediterranean. Even themes are rehashed all the time. What I love about Potion Explosion is that its so unique. The game play is both intuitive and also easy to learn, making it a game that can be enjoyed with both family and gaming friends alike.

And, of course, the circle has actually been completed and you can also get Potion Explosion as a digital app now. So yes, a board game, inspired by a mobile game, has now been turned back into a mobile game. I love our hobby.

Get Your Copy2-4 PLAYERS • AGES 8+ • 30-60 MINUTES • $35



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