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Rhino Hero – Game of the Week

If you have young ones at home, chances are your house is full of kids games that you have absolutely no interest in playing (other than to be a good parent of course). Games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, or Trouble.

What if I told you there is a board game publisher that not only makes high quality family (and kids) games, but many of them are actually fun for adults too. And some have even transcended needing your little tykes to play and can be enjoyed with only adults! No, it’s true!

Rhino HeroRhino Hero

HABA is a German board game publisher that makes high quality family and kids games. You have probably seen them on the shelf at your friendly local game store (FLGS) packaged in a bright, yellow box. Their english branch, HABA USA, has been working diligently to bring many of these games to our shores. Because why should Europeans have all the fun.

Our bright yellow Game of the Week is Rhino Hero. Proving good things can come in a small package, this little, yellow box has the ability to produce a good amount of fun for gamers and kids alike!

What is the Game?

In Rhino Hero, players are building a tower for the Super Hero rhinoceros to climb. Playing Rhino Hero is devilishly simple. Each player starts with 5 roof cards in their hand. They they take turns adding walls and a roof to a shared building. The next player must build walls based on the roof card the previous player laid out. In addition, some cards have specials rules, such as forcing your opponent to move the rhino from one floor to another. Play all 5 of your roof cards and you win!

Rhino Hero

Why Should You Play It?

Rhino Hero is a game that is way more fun then it has any right to be. It’s a stacking game that anyone can play, from 5 year olds to your grandparents. To be honest, we usually toss the rulebook back in the box and just try to not be the player that knocks the tower over. We go around, playing roof and wall cards, drawing new ones as necessary, and continue to build the tower. The only special symbol we pay attention to is the “move the rhino” one.

And you know what? The game still plays great that way. I picked this gem of a game up at Gen Con 2015 and a friend who was with me asked why I was buying a kids game. One demo of the game later and he was making his own purchase. For a $10 game, you can get a ton of entertainment out of Rhino Hero. It works just as good as a game to play with your kids as it does a drinking game to play with your friends. We often play Rhino Hero as a filler game when we are waiting for others to show up to game night.

Get Your Copy2-5 PLAYERS • AGES 5+ • 10 MINUTES • $11



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