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Santorini – Game of the Week

Abstract strategy games can be a bit of a hard sell in the board gaming world. One of the primary reasons has to be the lack of theme. Even the most dry, boring euro game has at least a pasted on theme to give players something to latch on to. But abstract games like Quarto, Chess, and Blokus, while loads of fun, are about as themeless as they come.


However, every now and then an abstract strategy game manages to bust out of the mold and still create an entertaining gaming experience. Our Game of the Week is one such game. Santorini, published by Roxley Games, not only has highly entertaining game play, but looks absolutely amazing on our tabletops.

What is the Game?

While Santorini has been around in some form or another for decades, it was really the brains at Roxley Games that brought it to the recent limelight. Santorini takes all of 30 seconds to learn how to play, but it also has enough depth to keep anyone glued to the board. The gameplay is simple: Move your building to an neighboring space, then build a city piece in an adjacent space. That’s it! The goal is to get your builder to the third level of a building. While the rules seem easy, winning can be anything but.

Santorini Game Play

Why Should You Play It?

Santorini is a game that’s absolutely better once you see it in person. I actually played a digital version of it once and thought it was just OK. But once I sat down and played with this great new physical version, I saw the magic of it. The pieces are gorgeous, and the strategy draws you in right away.

And for those that think the game sounds a bit too simple, Santorini even includes “god card” to give players variable powers to help change up the game play. Santorini’s excellent components and highly accessible game play make it a solid staple for anyone’s game library.

Get Your Copy2-4 PLAYERS • AGES 8+ • 20 MINUTES • $25



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