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Sega Forever Launches on iOS and Android

Sega Forever Launches on iOS and Android

Back in the 80s, a console war was fought between Nintendo and Sega. There were the Mario fans and there were the Sonic fans. Both were solid platformers, but each also had their dedicated audiences (anyone remember “blast processing”?). As time rolled by, eventually Mario and Luigi were able to dance on the corpse of their former rival, having clearly won that war. Yet that doesn’t me that we don’t still long to play some of those former classic Sega games. Just hearing that jingly SEEEEEGGGGGAAAAA intro fills my nostalgia meter up to the max.

If you are in the same boat, then rejoice as this week Sega announced their Sega Forever plan. They are going to be releasing many of their old 8-bit games onto mobile, for free. Well as free as anything ever is these days. Sega Forever launched with 5 different classic titles from the Sega Master System.

Sega Forever

The launch line-up for Sega Forever consists of:

I should also note that Crazy Taxi launched in May, which is also free.

The games are free to download and ad supported. Players will have to watch an ad before or after a game unless they choose to pay $1.99 to remove the ads from the game. The games are playable with just the touch screen, or you can use a connected controller if you have one. I should mentioned hat I tried playing Sonic the Hedgehog with just the touch screen and it was not a great experience. If you are a huge Sega fan, you are going to want a dedicated controller.

Sega seems to be going a different route than Nintendo has with their mobile. While Nintendo is creating dedicated games built around the strength of mobile devices (Super Mario Run), Sega seems to just be doing straight ports with minimal effort.


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