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Slide Blast – Game of the Week

Slide Blast – Game of the Week

There are some types of games that I’m always willing to play and a tile laying game is one such genre. If it’s got tiles, I’ll play it (at least once). This is especially true when it comes to tile laying games where I’m building something. BarenPark, Carcassonne, and Between Two Cities are great examples of that niche. I love looking back at what I’ve created at the end of the game. It really gives a feeling of accomplishment. Our newest Game of the Week falls into that category.

Slide Blast

Slide BlastAs a board game addict, I never thought I’d love a game about building water slides. But Slide Blast has captured my attention. Now I will say that Slide Blast is about as light of a game as they come. It even makes Carcassonne look like a heavy game. But that’s ok. It’s almost fitting for a game with a theme about a water park. Like a float down a lazy river, Slide Blast is calm and casual.

In Slide Blast, the goal is for players to try and create the longest waterslide. Each round, you choose one tile from the 2 in your hand to continue your water slide. You place a tile and move your meeple. And that’s about it. Sure, there are a few special tiles, like tunnels and high speed ones, but that’s the main focus of the game. Make your slide as long and crazy as possible.

Yet as light as this game is, it’s still a lot of fun, especially when you are looking for something where you can relax and not have to burn your brain. And when it comes to player scaling, Slide blast has almost two different experiences. The two player game is a strategic challenge to see who can make the longest slide, while the higher player counts can be a lot more chaotic, with players moving each other’s meeples (and earning bonus points for when they do).

Sure, Slide Blast isn’t going to be much more than a filler game on most gamer’s tables, but that’s OK. We need those too. But as a family game or gateway, Slide Blast is excellent. And that’s why it’s our newest Game of the Week.

Get Your Copy2-6 PLAYERS • AGES 6+ • 20 MINUTES • $25




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