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The Ultimate Indie Board Game Giveaway

The Ultimate Indie Board Game Giveaway

We are big fans of tabletop games here at Geek 10. Since the rise of Kickstarter, board and card games have entered a golden age where we are seeing a constant stream of new and innovative products hit the store shelves. Gone are the days of having to choose from the same tired mass market titles. But you probably already knew that.

What you might not have known is that there is currently a massive board game giveaway going on, thanks to the combined efforts of a group of publishers.

Emergence, Inside the Box Games, Dice Throne, Facade Games, Space Goat Productions, Daily Magic Games, Druid City, and CMON Games have all teamed up to offer one lucky winner eight of their most popular and soon to be released games. Check out the graphic above to see what specific games are being given away. These aren’t some bargain bin overstocks they are trying to get rid of, but games that actually look really fun.

The contest runs for about 26 more days and you can enter to win here. There is no cost to enter and they have a pile of ways for you to earn chances at winning. Good Luck!

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  1. Adam

    Thanks for posting the giveaway!!


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