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Top 10 Games From E3 2016

Top 10 Games From E3 2016

E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has come and gone. Now that the visitors have gone home, the press conferences ended, and the demos completed, the only game we are left with is the waiting game. Unfortunately, it will be months before we get our hands on many of the hotly anticipated releases that debuted at E3 this year.

There were piles of games announced at E3 this year. But which ones are the most intriguing. I can honestly say that there were many that captured our excitement, but we’ve managed to distill the list down to our 10 Favorite Games Announced at E3 2016. It wasn’t an easy choice for sure, and this list could have been twice as long. But these are the games we are most excited about.

Top 10 Games from E3 2016


10. Star Trek Bridge Crew

This could end up being a game I’m really excited about that I never actually get to play. Manning the bridge of a star ship, be it in the Star Trek or Star Wars universe just sounds awesome. However, with Star Trek: Bridge Crew having a requirement of 4 people having a VR headset, this could be a very costly game to play. I’m hoping that they have an online aspect to this game, as there is no way I’ll ever have 4 headsets in the same room. Still, looks pretty awesome.


9. Sea of Thieves

I love me some seafaring games, and Sea of Thieves looks to be a really unique experience. Team up with some friends and run your own pirate ship. A large, open world game, where you can encounter other players, fight, drink grog, and go on quests. Sign me up!


8. Battlefield 1

To be honest, I usually ignore the Call of Duty and Battlefield games. I’m not a huge FPS fan, and the modern combat games have felt very cookie cutter. Battlefield 1 though finally takes us back in time. Now, players are transported to World War 1 to fight in the trenches. The trailer greets gamers with explosions, combat, crashes, and over-the-top theatrics. I always loved the WW2 Battlefield games, so I’m excited about the possibilities of Battlefield 1.


7. The Last Guardian

Designer Fumito Ueda’s The Last Guardian has been in the works for many years. His previous games have delighted audiences, so there is definitely some anticipation for this one. The Last Guardian pairs players up with a three-story tall Beast named Trico. Together, you explore a detailed 3D world and embark on some puzzle-solving quests. If this one is even half as good as his previous titles, gamers will be in for a treat.


6. Mass Effect: Andromeda

I loved the Mass Effect trilogy. Well except for the crappy ending to the series. But despite the lack luster ending, the journey to get there was amazing. Bioware was pretty secretive about what’s happening in Mass Effect: Andromeda, but we were treated to a few bits of video and screenshots. Here’s hoping its at least half as good as the original games.


5. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open world game set in a post-apocalyptic future where nature has reclaimed much of the world. This RPG features tribal-type people using bow and arrows, who team up (or fight?) some fantastic looking robots. After the disappointment of Far Cry: Primal, I’m hoping this will be the pre-historic looking game that one should have been.


4. Days Gone

Days Gone has a bit of a Last of Us feel to it, and that’s not a bad thing. The game follows around a lone biker who has eschewed the safety of a settlement in favor of the open road. While the post-apocalyptic zombie theme has been done a million times, I’m still a sucker for a game that can get it right. The visuals look impressive and I’m pretty excited to see what Days Gone can bring to the table.


3. Detroit Become Human

I knew nothing about Detroit Become Human before E3, but that trailer has me really wanting to try this game out. With a Bladerunner like feel to the game, it meshes up that type of world with an Edge of Tomorrow spin. The trailer has the robotic protagonist playing out a series of events in a hostage situation, and going through the different outcomes based on the player’s choices. This one is shaping up to be a must buy for me.

2. Spider-Man

I usually don’t expect very much from super hero video games. Other than the mostly stellar Batman Arkham gamers, they usually end up being cheap tie-ins to movies. However the trailer for Spider-Man instantly got me excited for the possibilities of this game. While it was just a trailer, it looked really, really good and seemed to capture the feel of this web crawler. The action as he’s both fighting and slinging through New York City looked really smooth.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo spent most of the day talking about the new Legend of Zelda game and it looks damn impressive. This could easily be the best Zelda game ever. A massive open world, Breath of the Wild gives us a crafting system, cooking, stealth, and lots of combat. Reports are saying that the game is completely open world, meaning if you want to wander over to the end boss right at the start, you can (although you will probably be instantly pasted). With this new Zelda game due out for both the Wii U and also the Nintendo NX, this could definitely move some consoles for Nintendo’s new system.


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