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Author: Tony

Potion Explosion – Game of the Week

Do you play mobile games? If so, then chances are you’ve played one of the MANY “match 3” types of games. From the crazy popular Candy Crush (is it still popular?) to actually fun ones like Gems of War, there are not shortage of mobile games looking to become the next great matching game. Well at some point, a trio of game designers decided to band together to bring this matching mechanic to our tabletop. And how do you represent gems (or whatever) falling from the top of the screen in the physical world? Why with marbles of course! Potion...

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Top 10 Pixar Movies

There was a time when animated movies were just for little kids. Back in the day when the Disney princesses were singing their songs, parents would take their young ones to see these movies, but most probably weren’t very excited about making the trip. And then came Pixar. They showed us that just because a movie is an animated one, it doesn’t have to only be for children. With innuendos, pointed stories, and a plot line with some depth, Pixar gave us the formula of what an animated movie could and should be. With that in mind, we are going...

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Overwatch’s Newest Hero Orisa Now Active

Blizzards first person shooter Overwatch was released almost a year ago and still remains immensely popular. While many Call of Duty or Battlefield players have already moved on to new games (or the newest iteration of the same), Overwatch is still drawing in massive crowds. This can be probably thanked in part to Blizzard constantly tweaking the game. From bug squashing to themed events to new play modes, the team at Blizzard seems to be putting out new content at a steady rate. This week saw the developers release the 3rd new Hero to the game since its initial release. First...

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How to Quickly Paint Board Game Miniatures

I enjoy painting miniatures for my board games. I have been painting minis since my days of playing Dungeons and Dragons and found it to be a relaxing way to spend a cold winter afternoon. That being said, I sometimes get intimidated when it comes to board game armies (or any other masses of figures). For games like Adrenaline or The Witcher Board Game, I’m happy to paint the 4-5 minis at my leisure. However when you get to games with lots of minis, like Zombicide or Cry Havoc, the piles of plastic can be a little intimidating. So it’s...

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Villages of Valeria – Game of the Week

Every now and then a game comes along that completely surprises you. It turns out to be one of those rare gems that just come out of no where becoming a game that you instantly love. You’ll play your first game, then a few more and struggle to come up with things that you don’t like about the game. Our newest Game of the Week is one such game. Villages of Valeria Villages of Valeria is a tableau builder from publisher Daily Magic Games. What is a tableau builder? Well other than a funny word, it’s a type of...

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