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2017 Mid-Year Awards

At the end of each year, we do our yearly awards, letting everyone know what the best of the best is in a variety of categories. While we will be doing that this year as well, I thought it might be good to have a mid-year roundup as well. It can be easy for games, comics, and movies to be overshadowed or somewhat forgotten later in the year, so let’s give these early risers their due. But that’s enough fanfare and explanation. You get the point. 2017 Mid-Year Awards   Best Board Game Gloomhaven This was a hard choice...

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TIME Stories – Game of the Week

Don’t you wish that you could travel back in time? Of course you do, everyone would love the chance to go back and fix past mistakes. As a child, some of my favorite movies and shows were about time travel. Back to the Future, Quantum Leap, Time Cop (ok, maybe not that last one) were all excellent examples of good and bad outcomes from messing with the time stream. And our newest Game of the Week takes some inspiration from Quantum Leap as you are sent back in time to put right what once went wrong. TIME Stories Published...

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Top 10 Cartoons from the 80s

I was a child of the 80s (I guess I still am). In my early years, nothing could quite compare to rushing down the stairs on Saturday morning for hours of entertaining cartoons. I must have watch tons of different cartoons, from action packed series like G.I. Joe to more tame stuff like the Muppet Babies. Unfortunately, not every cartoon was great. Looking back, some were really not much more than 30 minute toy commercials, but damned if I wasn’t entertained. While I’m guessing many of these wouldn’t stand the test of time if watched today, here are my Top 10...

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

If you have even the slightest interest in superhero movies than you probably already know that Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted this past weekend. Yes, it’s another reboot of the Spider-Man series. After the Toby McGuire Trilogy and then two from Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland is the newest actor to take up the mantle of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. For those counting, that make’s Homecoming the 6th Spider-Man movie in 15 years. So the real question is if the wisecracking webslinger has gotten stale after all this time. Homecoming gives that a resounding no. So let’s get into the why and...

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Riff Raff – Game of the Week

I am always on the hunt for unique dexterity games. Sure, most dexterity games are usually unique in their own right, but I’ve seen countless games where you have to flick or toss something. The reason I gravitate towards a good dexterity game is because they are easy to bring to the table and they also offer a different experience than your standard card or board game. Our newest Game of the Week fits that bill to a T. Riff Raff The goal in Riff Raff is simple. You must be the first sailor to load all of your...

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