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Top 10 Open World Video Games

If there is one trend in video games that shows absolutely no sign of slowing down, it’s micro transactions. However, if there is a second trend, it has to be the gaming public’s love of open world video games. Perhaps it’s the decades of being dragged along on a linear path that has caused gamers to embrace the idea of exploring at our own pace. Thankfully, video game publishers are showing no signs of moving on from producing open world games. With so many open world games hitting the market each year, we decided it was time to list out...

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The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game – Game of the Week

When it comes to licensed board games, they usually come in two flavors. The good kind try to tie back to the source material, all while creating a memorable experience for the fans (Firefly: The Board Game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle). The rest will just be skin deep tie-ins that seek only to leech off the popularity of the source material. These are forgettable experiences best regulated to the bargain bins (World War Z: The Board Game). Thankfully, our newest Game of the Week falls into the first category. Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game I have long been a fan...

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10 Games that Changed Modern Board Gaming

Tabletop gaming has been around for a very long time. While I don’t want to dive into the rather lengthy history of gaming, every now and then it’s fun to take a peek back at what has influenced modern gaming. While games can trace their roots back to the ancient times, we’ve actually had a lot of really impressive innovations over the past few decades. Today, we are going to take a brief look at 10 Games that Changed Tabletop Gaming. While this is far from an all-encompassing list, each title on this list has effected our hobby in some...

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Hero Realms – Game of the Week

Back in 2014, an inexpensive little deck building game call Star Realms captured the hearts of many gamers. Star Realms sold out of its first print run rather quickly, and went on to win more than its fare share of rewards. Since that time, we’ve seen a number of expansions for Star Realms, along with some full on reimplementations. The first of which, Cthulhu Realms, gave the game a Lovecraftian spin. While I thought this was a solid offering, it wasn’t my favorite version. It’s this newest reimplementation that I love and that we are going to talk about today....

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Pocket Madness Giveaway

Earlier this week choose the Lovecraftian card game Pocket Madness from Funforge and Passport Games Studios as our Game of the Week. If you are not familiar with this card game, you can head over to our game page for the full run down on why it’s so fun. But suffice to say, there was just something about this unique card game that we found to be really entertaining. Great art, fun game play, and an attractive price point. So that got us thinking. Why should we have all the fun. We love to share and decided to give...

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