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Best Treehouse Ever – Game of the Week

If you recall from our previous game of the Week, Tides of Madness, I love card drafting games. It’s easily one of my favorite tabletop game mechanics and I am instantly attracted to any new game with this mechanic. I won’t go back into the whys, but suffice to say, there can never be enough games that use this mechanic.

Best Treehouse Ever

Best Treehouse EverOur newest Game of the Week, Best Treehouse Ever, takes the card drafting mechanic and packages into a very accessible and family friendly game. Publisher Green Couch Games seems to make this their goal as every title they have created so far has not only been very accessible, but also fun and all conveniently packaged into a travel sized box.

What is the Game?

In Best Treehouse Ever, you are trying to build…wait for it…the best treehouse ever. Shocking right? Each round, players will be drafting rooms to add to their treehouse in the standard pick-and-pass style of game play. There are rules for placement, such as rooms have to be placed next to similar color rooms, and you have to balance your tree. But the rules are extremely easy to pick up and you’ll be playing in no time.

Best Treehouse Ever

Why Should I Play It?

Besides the fact that it’s pretty fun (and that my wife is constantly bothering me to play it), I found that Best Treehouse Ever was a clever take on the card drafting genre (which seems to be getting more games all the time). While it’s rules are very easy to pick up (making it a great game to play with family members), there is actually enough depth here that Best Treehouse Ever doesn’t have to be a game just to play with your young ones.

The game can even be somewhat interactive through the use of its unique scoring rules and, of course, “Hate Drafting”. The small footprint of the box also makes it easy to toss into a bag or take with you when you travel. And that’s why Best Treehouse Ever is our Game of the Week.

Get Your Copy2-4 PLAYERS • AGES 6+ • 20 MINUTES • $20



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