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Scythe – Game of the Week

Scythe – Game of the Week

Hype in the board game community is fairly common. As designers and publishers get bigger, their new releases can almost take on a life of their own. Unfortunately, sometimes the amount of build up for a game gets to an unreal level that it’s impossible for a game to live up. Usually that’s due to no fault from the publisher or designer, exceptions and excitement are just too high to be met. And then there are the games that defy logic and end being just as great as everyone had hoped, if not better! Our newest Game of the Week falls into that category.


ScytheDesigned by veteran game designer Jamey Stegmaier (Viticulture, Euphoria), Scythe was developed with inspiration from the amazing artwork of Jakub Rozalski. When it comes to world building, it’s hard to think of a better place to start from then these fascinating drawings. Set in and alternate-history 1920s, Scythe has massive mechs combined with a farming based civilization. I am already a huge fan of alternate history, and Jakub’s artwork just opens up so many possibilities.

And a great thing about the game is that it all came through in the game play. While it has giant mechs as miniatures, Scythe isn’t a combat game. It’s actually more about the “threat” of combat. At its heart, Scythe is an action selection, area control, and resource management game. It’s about taking your faction from a small enclave to a group of people spreading across the board.

There are so many positive things I could talk about with Scythe. The amazing production values, great asymmetrical factions, the unique way the player boards work, the fun and thematic exploration cards, or even the accessible nature of the game. Scythe is one of those games that lived up to every ounce of its pre-release hype and makes its way to our gaming table quite often. And that’s why it’s our newest Game of the Week.

Get Your Copy1-5 PLAYERS • AGES 12+ • 90-120 MINUTES • $60




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